The Manitoba Chess Hall of Fame and Museum Inc. purposes are
– to benefit the community by establishing and maintaining a virtual museum/hall of fame dedicated to and commemorating the history and heritage of chess in Manitoba, and educating the public about it.

The Manitoba Chess Hall of Fame and Museum Inc is a registered charity recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Hall of Fame has selected the five inductees  for the inaugural class of 2020.  The inductees will be announced at an appropriate time.

Below you will find entries related to Manitoba chess history in the style of Edward Winter’s Chess Notes

Manitoba History Notes

009. R.J. Spencer

10-time North-West Champion – the North-West Championship was the forerunner of the Manitoba Championship, and was contested from 1897 to 1930. R.J. Spencer won 10 times –  1897, 1902, 1906, 1919-1922, 1924, 1930. ... READ MORE

008. Charles Blake

Our research shows that Charles Blake won the North West Championship, the pre-cursor to the Manitoba Closed, on no less than 6 occasions. Stephen Wright (with additional information from Tony Boron) fills... READ MORE

006. Canon Roy

May 2020 marks one hundred and forty-five years since the birth of Canon Henry L. C. Roy. Abe Yanofsky wrote in his 100 Years of Chess in Canada in 1967 that he regarded... READ MORE

003. Herbert Gregory

MCA is naming the 2020 March TNT in honour of Herbert Gregory, a former Winnipeg Champion, Winnipeg Free Press Chess Editor, and longtime secretary of the MCA. Mr Gregory was the chess editor... READ MORE